Planning for herself

Elizabeth was like the other girls, she liked fashion, dressed herself In college, whenchaquetas bogner Elizabeth studied in the university, her parents gave her eight hundred Yuan to her per month. Compared witbogner outleth other students, it had been a lot, but for Elizabeth, it had never seemed to be enough for Elizabeth to spend. She bought a lot of popular clothing, shoes and so on at each period.
When Elizabeth graduated, looking back over the past four years, she found that she almost spent most of her money on clothes. But the time she went to work, there seemed to be no one was suitable for her to wear. She then felt that she was failure in the financial management. If she saved money before, at least although she is working now, she could not ask her parents for money to buy clothes. It made Elizabeth feel very embarrassed and very sorry to her parents.
Whebogner jacken she realized this, she began to do her own planning, that is, had part of the monthly salary to buy one or two BCBG max dress, Herve Leger dress, Karen Millen dress and so on. At first, Elizabeth felt it difficult to stick with it, on the one hand, because she felt that their salaries are little, she could not buy any cloth that they like. On the other hand, she used to purchasing habits before. However, six months passed, she found her slowly began to adapt her work, and he was more like a white-collar staff.
Her company often sent her to attend an important meeting, or host the company’s important clients. She put on these clothes, as she was very confident, she was praised by all the leadership, and she was promoted soon. When asked why she was so confident. She proudly replied that it was these dresses that made her so confident, the dresses were very chic, looked different and were quite charming for all girls. Then leadership sent all staff three BCBG max dress, Herve Leger dress, Karen Millen dress for them.
Finally, their company had a good working environment and good incentives, the team has a good bogner jassenspirit of cooperation, and their company eventually became one of the most competitive companies in the local place.