Feature Story News

Feature Story News is an international broadcast news agency providing international news coverage, live reports and news bulletins to television and radio stations around the world.

FSN was founded in 1992 by former ITN reporter . It operates from headquarters in Washington DC

FSN is based in Washington DC and has offices, correspondents and studios in Manhattan, United Nations, London, Brussels, Moscow, Orlando, San Francisco, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles

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, Miami, Toronto, Kampala and Johannesburg.

FSN broadcasts hourly world news radio bulletins 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. At weekends, a weekly News Review bulletin in broadcast.

Bulletins are 30 seconds, 3 minutes or 5 minutes long and are distributed along with news cuts and packages via FTP.

Many LPFM, college, community and online stations use FSN.

UNITED KINGDOM Bulletins can be heard on digital stations WRN and Radio Ahomka and community stations Radio Faza in Nottingham and Destiny 105 in Oxford, also on Internet station’s Solid Gold Gem AM and Serenade Radio

NETHERLANDS Radio Seagull transmits hourly bulletins on weekdays.

CANARY ISLANDS Kiss FM in Tenerife.

OMAN Hi FM in Muscat.

NEW ZEALAND World FM in Tawa.

A number of broadcasters use FSN correspondents and reports as part of their own news output.

Simon Marks is Washington correspondent for London radio station LBC 97.3 and other broadcasters utilising FSN include Vatican Radio, DW Radio, RTÉ, SABC, Radio New Zealand and Radio France International

The AIR News radio news agency uses FSN audio and broadcasts FSN bulletins during overnight hours

Television clients of FSN include PBS NewsHour, Fox News Channel, Bloomberg remington sweater shaver, France 24, CCTV (China) and Al Jazeera.