United Nations Security Council Resolution 1272

United Nations Security Council resolution 1272, adopted unanimously on 25 October 1999, after recalling previous resolutions on East Timor (Timor Leste), particularly resolutions 384 (1975), 389 (1976), 1236 (1999), 1246 (1999), 1262 (1999) and 1264 (1999), the Council established the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) that was responsible for the administration of the territory until its independence in 2002.

The Security Council noted the decision of the East Timorese people in the Special Autonomy Referendum to begin a process of transition under United Nations administration towards independence. The International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) was now deployed and continued co-operation was needed between the Indonesian government and INTERFET. Meanwhile, the Council was concerned at the deteriorating humanitarian situation as a result of violence in East Timor which had caused large-scale displacement of civilians and widespread violations of international humanitarian and human rights law

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Acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the Council authorised the establishment of UNTAET which would have full responsibility for the administration of East Timor and control of the executive, legislative and the administration of justice. UNTAET would also maintain law and order, assist in the development of the civil services Karen Millen Outlet UK 2016, facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance, support capacity-building and establish an effective administration and conditions for sustainable development. The main components of UNTAET would consist of:
Additionally, UNTAET was authorised to take all necessary measures to fulfill its mandate business casual dresses. The Secretary-General Kofi Annan was to appoint a Special Representative to head the operation and who would have the power to make new laws and suspend or repeal existing ones.
The Council stressed the need for co-operation between UNTAET Free People Dress Lace, INTERFET and the local population with a view to the establishment of an independent human rights institution among others. INTERFET would also be replaced by the military component of UNTAET. There was a need for humanitarian and reconstruction assistance, including the issue of refugees and displaced persons resettling in either West Timor or East Timor, and acts of violence were condemned. The Secretary-General was to establish a Trust Fund to finance international assistance, and was requested to provide regular updates on all aspects of the situation in East Timor.

United States House of Representatives elections in Pennsylvania, 2008

The 2008 congressional elections in Pennsylvania was held on November 4, 2008 to determine who will represent the state of Pennsylvania in the United States House of Representatives. Pennsylvania has 19 seats in the House, apportioned according to the 2000 United States Census. Representatives are elected for two-year terms; those elected will serve in the 111th Congress from January 4, 2009 until January 3, 2011. The election coincides with the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
District 3 was the only seat which changed party (from Republican to Democratic), although CQ Politics had forecasted districts 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 15 and 18 to be at some risk for the incumbent party.

Five-term incumbent Bob Brady (D) ran for another term after losing his bid to be mayor of Philadelphia. He was challenged by businessman Mike Muhammad (R). This race was viewed as noncompetitive, as it took place in heavily Democratic Philadelphia. Brady ran unopposed in 2006 and has generally received over 80% of the vote in his campaigns. CQ Politics had forecast the race as ‘Safe Democrat’. Brady defeated Muhammed by a nearly 10 to 1 margin, winning 242,799 to 24,714, or 90.8% to 9.2%.
Seven term incumbent Chaka Fattah (D), who was unsuccessful in his bid to be mayor of Philadelphia, ran without major party opposition. Liberal Republican law professor Michael Livington won the Republican primary, but dropped out of the race due to lack of funding. He was replaced by Adam Lang. This seat is contained in one of the most Democratic districts in the country, with Democrats often winning 90% of the vote. In 2006, Fattah was elected with 88.6% support and in 2008 he won with 88.9% of the vote. CQ Politics forecasted the race as ‘Safe Democrat’.
Seven-term Republican incumbent Phil English faced Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper (campaign website), director of the Erie Arboretum. Steven Porter, the 2006 Democratic nominee, is running as an independent. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘No Clear Favorite’.
English was tested in 2008. He represented a politically balanced Erie-based district that gave George W. Bush 53% of the vote. Also, in 2006, he received just 54% of the vote against an under-funded candidate with no political experience. He has, however, been able to remain a level of popularity due to a moderate voting record and close ties to organized labor.
The DCCC recruited Erie County Councilman Kyle Foust as its top choice to run against English. Dahlkemper, Attorney Tom Meyers, and religious nonprofit program coordinator Mike Waltner also declared for the Democratic primary. Dahlkemper proved better at mobilizing support than Foust, the original front runner, and won the Democratic nomination with 45% of the vote.
Dahlkemper defeated English 146,846 to 139,787 or 51.2% to 48.8% to capture the seat. It was the only seat in Pennsylvania to change parties in 2008.
Democratic incumbent Jason Altmire again faced Republican Melissa Hart. CQ Politics forecasted the race as ‘Leans Democratic’.
In 2006, Altmire defeated incumbent Hart in a 52% to 48% upset. Hart had won 63% of the vote in 2004, when George W. Bush carried this suburban Pittsburgh district with 53%. In 2006, Pennsylvania was perhaps the most disastrous state for incumbent GOP House members, who lost four seats here. Hart ran unopposed for the Republican nomination in 2008 and attempted to use her public service credentials to regain her seat. She previously gained a reputation for appealing to moderate voters despite a conservative track record. She again lost to Altmire, this time by a wider margin than two years prior, with a 56–44% vote.
Altmire maintained close ties with organized labor, possessed experience with the health care issues that are important in a region with an older population, and was supported by the NRA.
Democrat Mark McCracken, Clearfield County commissioner is running against Republican and Centre County GOP chair Glenn “G.T.” Thompson in this open seat election. James Fryman represented the Libertarian Party. CQ Politics forecasted this largely rural district as ‘Safe Republican’.
Republican John Peterson announced his intention to retire on January 3, 2007, paving the way for a contentious open seat election. Nine Republicans were in the race for the nomination. Four men emerged as top tier candidates: Thompson, hotel developer Matt Shaner, financial consultant Derek Walker, and former Woodland Township supervisor Jeff Strohmann. Also on the Republican ballot were mortgage broker John Kupa, Clarion mayor John Stroup, Elk County coroner Lou Radkowski, former Centre County commissioner Chris Exarchos, and minister Keith Richardson. Thompson won this hard-fought 9-way primary with just 19% of the vote, in large part due to the late endorsement of Peterson who got involved in the primary campaign 10 days prior to election day. Walker and Shaner proved to be superior fundraisers and aired numerous television and radio commercials to counter Peterson’s endorsement of Thompson. The Republican primary included many personal attacks, with Shaner targeting Walker as being political incompetent and Walker referring to a DUI incident involving Shaner. Walker and Thompson were very close in the polls on Election Day, but Thompson received a late boost because of his political track record in Centre County, the district’s population center.
McCracken, Lock Haven mayor Richard Vilello, and Bill Cahir, a journalist and Marine Corps veteran of the Iraq War, battled for the Democratic nomination. McCracken won 40% in a hard-fought Democratic race that received much less attention.
Despite presenting an open seat opportunity, this race was always viewed as safe for the Republicans, who have generally won over 65% in this district. Prior to 2006, Peterson had previously ran in three straight elections without Democratic opposition.
Thompson won with 56.7% of the vote (155,513 votes) to 41.0% for McCracken (112,509). Fryman garnered 6,155 voted or 2.2%.
Three term Republican Jim Gerlach faced Democrat Bob Roggio (campaign website), a retired businessman from Charlestown who ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination after three opponents dropped out of the race. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Republican Favored’.
Gerlach has become used to winning close elections, having survived threats from governor’s assistant (and son of the former US Senator) Dan Wofford and attorney Lois Murphy in 2004 and 2006 with approximately 51% each year. The district is a classic swing district that went to John Kerry with 51% in 2004. However, Roggio did not have the name recognition nor the funding that Murphy had when waging her campaign, which made his candidacy more difficult than past challengers.
However, due to the tough environment in 2008 for Republicans, and the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans this year for the first time in this district, the race was close. In addition, Gerlach has had some trouble shaking a connection to ousted Republican leader Tom Delay, who provided contributions to Gerlach through his PAC.
However, Gerlach has a relatively moderate voting record and is seen as a tough campaigner who is knowledgeable in the suburban issues that are important in his district.
Gerlach once again held on and won the election 179,423 (52.1%) to 164,952 (47.9%).
Incumbent Democratic nominee Joe Sestak defeated Republican nominee Wendell Craig Williams, winning 59.6% of the vote. In 2006 Sestak defeated incumbent Curt Weldon, who was being investigated for misuse of campaign funds, by 56% to 44%. Sestak used his military credentials as a retired vice admiral to present himself as a strong leader and as an ethical alternative to a Republican Party that has faced scandal within his district. Because of his moderate voting record, reputation as a tireless worker, and military background, Sestak was expected to have a large advantage over any Republican opponent in 2008. The NRCC initially had trouble finding any top-tier candidates, and eventually settled on Iraq War veteran and attorney Craig Williams.
Democratic incumbent Patrick Murphy, an Iraq War veteran, won against Republican nominee Tom Manion, a businessman and retired Marine, and Independent Tom Lingenfelter. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Democrat Favored’.
Murphy narrowly won in 2006, when he unseated one-term Republican Mike Fitzpatrick by 1,518 votes. Manion, a retired Marine Colonel and executive at Johnson and Johnson, ran unopposed in the Republican primary in April. Significant national attention has been drawn to the race because of the Iraq War connections of both candidates. Murphy is a veteran and a strong critic of the war, while Manion, whose son 1stLt Travis Manion was killed in Iraq in April 2007, supports the war.
This district contains Bucks County and a small part of Northern Philadelphia and Montgomery County. Once considered a safe Republican district, it has recently been trending more Democratic 2016 chanel schoenen. Registered Democrats narrowly outnumber registered Republicans as of August 2008, due in large part to voter registration drives connected with the Democratic presidential primary in Pennsylvania.
Three term Bill Shuster (R) won re-election with 64% of the vote. Shuster won 60.3% of the vote in 2006; George W. Bush carried the district with over 67% in 2004. Shuster also held the advantage of name recognition, as he is the son of a powerful congressman 2016 dior kleding. The district is also the most Republican in Pennsylvania, further giving Shuster an advantage. His Democratic opponent was again 2006 candidate educator Tony Barr (campaign website). CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Safe Republican’.
Democratic incumbent Chris Carney defeated Republican staffing company executive Chris Hackett by a margin of 56% to 44%. CQ Politics forecasted the race as ‘Leans Democratic’ prior to Carney’s victory. The win on the part of the Democratic congressman coincided with John McCain winning 54 percent of the vote in the district as opposed to Democrat Barack Obama’s 46 percent.
Carney was initially thought to have been facing a difficult reelection bid in this heavily Republican district, which he won after widely publicized allegations of incumbent Republican Don Sherwood’s extramarital affair with and alleged abuse of Cynthia Ore. Carney defeated Sherwood 53% to 47%. However, President George W. Bush won the 10th District 60% to 40% in 2004 2016 chanel kleding.
Two Republicans fought for the nomination: staffing company executive Chris Hackett, who gained the endorsement of conservative organizations and manufacturing executive Dan Meuser, who has credibility as a disabled rights activist. While battling for the nomination, Meuser accused Hackett of wavering on his pro-life stance, while Hackett painted Meuser as associated with unpopular politicians. Hackett won a tough primary with 52% of the vote, which drained many of his resources for the general election.
Carney, throughout the general election, was the favorite to retain his seat but the vote was expected to be somewhat close. The traditionally Republican leanings of the district were advantageous for Hackett, but Pennsylvania as a whole has been trending Democratic recently, having voted for the Democratic nominee for President in every election since 1992. The state ultimately backed Obama that year by a ten-point margin.[citation needed] Carney also has a strong military background and used his membership in the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of moderate Democrats that promote compromise, as a boost.
Carney easily beat Hackett by a twelve-point margin and was aided by a stronger than anticipated vote for the national Democratic presidential ticket in the district. Whereas John Kerry and John Edwards in 2004 received merely 40 percent of the vote in the 10th district, Barack Obama and Joe Biden received 46 percent of the vote.
Twelve term Democratic incumbent Paul Kanjorski (D) is being challenged by Republican Lou Barletta, the mayor of Hazleton. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘No Clear Favorite’ 2016 chanel kleding.
Kanjorksi has generally won reelection easily, considering the Democratic leanings of the district. John Kerry won this district in 2004 with 52% and Kanjorski was reelected with 72.5% of the vote in 2006. However, he may face one of the toughest elections of his career against Barletta, a figure who made the national spotlight for the anti-illegal immigration policies he promoted as mayor. He was unopposed for the Republican nomination, and has national name recognition for his stance which may help or hurt him with different voting groups in the election. Kanjorksi has come under scrutiny for several comments he has made during the recent Congress, including his quote that the Democrats stretched the facts on the Iraq War to provide a bigger advantage during the 2006 election cycle.
Kanjorski will have the advantage because of incumbency and his close ties to organized labor. However, Barletta, who ran for this seat in 2002 and gave Kanjorski one of his toughest campaigns, should make the race interesting. Kanjorski has proven to be a superior fundraiser and the DCCC began airing commercials against Barletta and his hard line stances beginning in July. Name recognition may help Barletta overcome some of his disadvantage in cash on hand, but Kanjorski and Democrats in general are very popular in the population centers of this district.
Sixteen term incumbent John Murtha (D) ran against Retired Lieutenant Colonel William Russell (R), who won the Republican nomination after staging a successful write-in campaign. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Safe Democrat,’ but the race tightened after Murtha made well-publicized comments referring to Western Pennsylvania as a “racist” and “redneck” area. Murtha’s comments were spoofed in the October 25, 2008 episode of Saturday Night Live in a segment entitled “Sen. Biden and Rep. Murtha Say Crazy Things in Johnstown, Pa.” By October, Russell out-raised and outspent Murtha for a whole week. Nevertheless, Murtha secured re-election by a 16-point margin. The district has a Cook Partisan Voting Index score of R +1.
While two term Democrat Allyson Schwartz is a target for Republicans in the 2008 race, her seat is expected to be relatively safe. She did not face a serious challenge in 2006 against Raj Bhakta in this Democratic-leaning district. 2007 Philadelphia mayoral candidate Al Taubenberger and state Senator Stewart Greenleaf pondered running on the Republican ticket, but did not enter the race. Attorney Marina Kats ran unopposed for the Republican nomination. Kats is underfunded and without name recognition, while running against and incumbent with a deep warchest of funds, which presents a crucial advantage in an expensive media market. This seat is currently considered to be noncompetitive. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Safe Democrat’.
Seven term incumbent Mike Doyle (D) will run for another term. For the fourth straight election, Doyle will not face a Republican opponent, although Green Party candidate, professor Titus North, will be on the ballot for the second straight year. Doyle represents a district that gave John Kerry 69% of the vote in 2004 and his seat is considered to be noncompetitive. The congressman presents a strongly pro-union image, while avoiding hot button social issues, which allows him to remain popular and noncontroversial. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Safe Democrat’.
Republican incumbent Charlie Dent was challenged by Allentown Democratic Party Chair Sam Bennett. CQ Politics forecast the race as ‘Republican Favored’.
Although Dent was targeted by the Democrats for a tough race in 2006, his seat was ultimately relatively safe in 2008. In 2004, he won only 53% of the vote against a political newcomer with no political experience, but did significantly better in his bid for a second term. His district covers the Lehigh Valley region and is politically marginal, narrowly going to John Kerry with 50% of the vote in 2004.
Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham, and state Democratic Party Chairman T.J. Rooney declined to run for the Democratic nomination, leaving Sam Bennett as the sole member of her party’s ticket. Bennett was not considered to be as strong of a candidate as Democrats would like, which helped this seat fall out of contention. Although Democrats have an advantage in registration in the district and that Pennsylvania as a whole is trending Democratic, Dent projects a moderate image. His relationship with popular liberal then-Republican Arlen Specter also aids Dent.
Six-term Republican incumbent Joe Pitts is running for reelection against Democratic nominee Bruce Slater (campaign website),a U.S Navy veteran, historic restoration contractor, democratic committee person and community activist who ran unopposed in the primary. Green Party candidate John Murphy, a management consultant and Constitution Party candidate Dan Frank (campaign website) will also be on the ballot. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Safe Republican’.
Pitts had the worst showing of his congressional career in 2008, winning 55.8% of the vote. However, he represents a historically conservative district which gave 61% of its votes to George W. Bush in 2004, and has not attracted a top tier Democratic challenger.
Eight term incumbent Tim Holden (D) is running against Toni Gilhooley (R), a retired PA State Trooper who served for 25 years. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Safe Democrat’.
The 17th Congressional District gave George W. Bush 58% of its votes and has historically been dominated by Republicans. However, Holden upset the district’s 10-term incumbent, George Gekas, in 2002 after being drawn into the district (he’d previously represented a Reading-based district) and hasn’t faced substantive opposition since then. He is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, a moderate group that promotes compromise among the parties, and is pro-life and against gun control. Gilhooley is a fiscal conservative, pro-life and pro-Second Amendment candidate who is mounting a strong grass-roots effort. Holden has used his overwhelming support in Schuylkill County, his home county, to make up for past deficits in areas such as Lebanon County and Dauphin County.
Three term Republican Tim Murphy is being challenged by Democrat Steve O’Donnell, a Monroeville health care executive. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Republican Favored’.
Murphy was reelected in 2006 with 58% of the vote against a little-known Democrat. He represents a suburban Pittsburgh district that George W. Bush won with 54% of the vote but that has a strong Democratic history. His campaigning skills have yet to be tested, with relatively easy wins in his three elections thus far, and he could be vulnerable.
The DCCC tried to persuade Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato to run, but he showed no interest in the race. Business consultant Beth Hafer, whose mother Barbara Hafer is a longtime state official, was then expected to be the front runner for the Democratic nomination. Insurance executive Brien Wall and Monroeville health care executive Steve O’Donnell also ran. O’Donnell won an upset victory with 45% of the vote in a somewhat under the radar election. Although O’Donnell should make the race competitive, Murphy has a significant advantage because of name recognition and a moderate image.
Four term incumbent Todd Russell Platts (R) will run for another term. His Democratic opponent will be 2006 candidate and college professor Phil Avillo (campaign website), who was unopposed in the party primary. Platts represents a highly conservative district, which gave 64% of the vote to George W. Bush in 2004. Avillo, meanwhile, has raised very little money for his campaign. This race is expected to be noncompetitive. CQ Politics forecasts the race as ‘Safe Republican’.

Curucuru and Friends

Curucuru and Friends (Hangul: 꾸루꾸루와 친구들; RR: Kkurukkuruwa Chingudeul; also known as Tales of Greenery or The Family of Greenwood (Chinese: 绿树林家族; pinyin: Lǜ shù lín jiāzú)) is a 2006 Korean-Chinese Stop Motion series animated by Ffango Entertoyment (Now Comma Studios), primarily aimed for Preschoolers. It is officially Ffango’s first original stop motion animated series, directed by Jung Hye-On and written by both Yi Jeong-Geun and Jang Eun-Ju with character designs by Jin Hyo-Jung.
The first season is aired KBS1 from November 24, 2006 to February 16, 2007, with a total of 13 episodes. A second season, made after the rights transfer, is then produced and aired in China, produced in a joint collaboration between Zhejiang Chinese Cartoon Co. and Beijing Pan Gaowen media Ltd from September 2013 to February 2014, with a total count of 26 episodes. A movie sequel titled Curucuru and Friends: The Rainbow Tree Forest (Hangul: 꾸루꾸루와 친구들: 무지개 나무의 비밀; RR: Kkurukkuruwa Chingudeul: mujigae namuui bimil) was released on Korean theaters on November 19, 2015.

The story is set in a village called Green Forest Village, where is inhabited by friendly animals. The story were focused on 5 special animal friends whose friendship binds them together, Koori: A brown raccoon boy and an aspiring inventor 2016 Puma fotbollsskor på nätet, Pinpin: A blue and white giant panda boy and a warm hearted artist, Lalla: a pink Tabby cat girl and an aspiring musician who wishes to be a princess, Toto: a purple bat boy who wants to be a pilot and fly and lastly; Curucuru, a brown bear boy who likes to cook. All of them venture through several adventures in the forest and town, making exciting and marvelous stories and also getting in and out of trouble as they learn valuable lessons in life and things around them.
Around the second season, the story revolves around the kids trying to foil the troublemaking duo Archie, a gray jackrabbit boy and Dangdang, a brown monkey boy who were trying to cause trouble in the Green Forest Village.
The movie takes place between Seasons 1 and 2. The Green Forest Village hosts a festival in celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the large tree growing in the middle of the village. While Curucuru and his friends are helping in the festival, they learned that tree’s vitality is due to a legendary item call the Pingya, which gives it Eternal Love and Life. But in the midst of the festival, a bunch of Pirate Hyenas came to the village and stole the legendary item, causing the tree to wilt. Now it’s up to Curucuru and his pals to get it back from the pirates, before things can go worse.
Curucuru (Hangul: 꾸루꾸루; RR: Kkurukkuru)
The series’s main protagonist, Curucuru is a brown bear boy who likes to cook but sometimes has tendencies to get hungry and eat anything. Despite being big, he’s very lazy, sleepy and sometimes lack courage and tenacity but despite all of these, he is always supportive to all of his friends. He is also a very slow runner and has problems with his weight. He is best friends with Toto.
Koori (Hangul: 쿠리; RR: Kuri)
Koori is a brown raccoon boy who is well known as the town’s aspiring inventor. Usually prideful, smart and always brags, his creations were a hit and miss when it comes to success. Somehow he never gives up on inventing and impressing his friends. He has a little sister named Haru and is also the oldest of the two siblings.
Lalla (Hangul: 랄라; RR: Lalla)
Lalla is a pink Tabby cat girl and the only female member of the group, who is the village’s aspiring signer. She likes to dance and perform but also doesn’t want her private stuff to be touched. She’s very posh, likes attention and likes to be pretty, but also very kind to her friends. She lives with her mother and shown to collect various types of dolls and cute stuff.
Pinpin (Hangul: 핀핀; RR: Pinpin)
Pinpin is a blue and white giant panda boy who likes to paint and draw, considered as the Picasso of the Greenery Forest. He likes to paint and draw, thought sometimes has a hard time finding inspiration. He is very clam and also has a kind heart to everyone, thought also gets rather scared and saddened easily. He lives with his parents and often seeks advise to his grandfather, who lives near the lake.
Toto (Hangul: 토토; RR: Toto)
Toto is a purple bat boy who wishes to fly and also likes to become a pilot 2016 lågpris Nike fotbollsskor. The youngest member of the group, he is very curious, inquisitive and also very adventurous. However, for these traits, he can be very mischievous and sometimes stubborn on things. Despite being a bat, he somehow can’t fly due to the lack wings. He is best friends with Curucuru.
Archie (Chinese: 阿奇; pinyin: Ā qí)
One of the characters debuting in season 2, Archie is a light gray jackrabbit boy who causes trouble to the children in the Green Forest Village. He is always accompanied by Dandan on their schemes.
Dangdang (Chinese: 当当; pinyin: Dāng Dāng)
Also a character debuting in season 2, Dandan is a brown monkey boy who also causes trouble to the children in the Green Forest Village. He always adores Archie on building up schemes.
Originating as a pilot film in 2003, the series officially greenlited into an animated series in 2004 The series’s development first began back in 2003 after the Ffango animation studio is renamed into Ffango Entertoyment. The series began as a pilot film selected by the Korea Creative Content Agency and Seoul Movie took interest in the series which got officially greenlited in 2004, with Government Donation and support by the Gyeonggi Digital Content Agency. In 2005, the series became one of KOCCA’s Star Project and aired a year later on Korean Broadcasting System in November 24, 2006. The series was also broadcast in mainland China by China Central Television in 2008 under the name The Family of Greenwood. The second season is aired from September 2013 to February 2014 with support from both the China Film Group and Guangdong Alpha Animation & Culture Co., Ltd.
The series is animated using customized ball jointed puppets created by Thinking Hand Creative Studio and Darak Workshop with several expression faces made for each characters. Production took about 3 years total, making the puppets, backgrounds and scripts for each episode. Each scene and episode were shot using 100 Canon EOS-1D Mark II Stop Motion Control Cameras.
An official musical is also made for the series, which run in 2007 to 2011. However, in 2009 due to financial issues and company restructuring, the series rights is sold to China Film Group. In 2011, KOCCA stated that a theatrical film is currently in development alongside the second season. JeDae Moon stated that “Investment for the season 2 is ongoing in China and more success is expected 2016 lågpris Nike fotbollsskor. We believe we stepped off on the right foot with KOCCA’s support.”. This is also the first time that KOCCA’s OSMU (One Source Multi-Use) model has been taken up in a collaborative venture between Korea and China. A second season of the series was in the works in 2012 and aired between September 2013 to February 2014.
Iconix Entertainment currently handles the worldwide distribution rights of the series while Guangdong Alpha Animation & Culture Co., Ltd. distributes the series inside Mainland China after the rights transfer.
Total Licensing Magazine stated that the series “is not didactic in its approach but, through animation in conveys originality, sociality and propriety in a way to interest the children.”
The First season of the series won Grand Prize in the 2003 Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, won best animation in the Gyeonggi Digital Art Center in 2004 and the 13th Korean Animation Awards for best animation in 2007. The series received the Golden Monkey Award in the 8th China International Animation Festival in 2012 2016 lågpris Nike fotbollsskor.

Union des anarcho-syndicalistes

L’Union des Anarcho-Syndicalistes est une union de militants anarchistes et syndicaux en France 2016 pas cher soccer jerseys.
Parmi eux, le plus connu est sans doute Alexandre Hébert, ancien secrétaire général de l’union départementale CGT-FO de Loire-Atlantique (44).
Dans la CGT-FO, on peut également citer Yann Perrotte, par ailleurs actuel secrétaire général de l’Union départementale Force Ouvrière de la Manche (50).
L’UAS publie un bulletin périodique (10 numéros par an) : l’Anarcho-Syndicaliste, qui porte en sous-titre une citation de Fernand Pelloutier « Nous sommes en outre ce qu’ils ne sont pas : des révoltés de toutes les heures, des hommes vraiment sans dieu, sans maître, sans patrie, les ennemis irréconciliables de tout despotisme, moral ou matériel sandro robe, individuel ou collectif, c’est-à-dire des lois et des dictatures (y compris celle du prolétariat) et les amants passionnés de la culture de soi-même », extraite de la lettre aux anarchistes maillots de foot.
Cette organisation est membre de l’Entente internationale des travailleurs robe maje; certains de ces adhérents sont membres du Parti ouvrier indépendant.

Raşit Meredow

Raşit Öwezgeldiýewiç Meredow (born 1960) is a Turkmen politician and diplomat who has served in the government of Turkmenistan as Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2001, as well as Deputy Prime Minister since 2007.
Born in a lawyer’s family, Meredow studied at Moscow State University in the faculty of law 2016 adidas soccer equipment online store. He made a diplomatic career in the independent Turkmenistan. In 2007, shortly after President Saparmurat Niyazov’s death, he was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the police and army.
Raşit Meredow was born in Ashgabat in 1960. In 1977, he entered the Moscow State University, department of law. In 1982, he began as a teacher in the department of civil law and civil process of the Turkmen State University. In 1984-1987, he studied as a post-graduate student at the Moscow State University. He holds a master’s degree in law. In 1987-1990, he was lecturer, senior teacher in the department of civil law and civil process of the Turkmen State University. In 1990-1991, he was chief consultant, head of sector, head of department in the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan. Starting in 1991, he worked as head of law enforcing agencies department of the council for coordination of law enforcing agencies under the President of Turkmenistan Adidas Soccer Jerseys Outlet Discount. Starting in March 1993, he worked as head of the law department in the office of the President of Turkmenistan. Starting in December 1994, he was chairman of the law committee of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan. Starting in 1996, he was deputy director of the Turkmen National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan.
In May 1999

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, he was appointed as First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. In December 1999, he was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan The Kooples For Women. In May 2001, he was elected as Chairman of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan. In July 2001, he was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. Starting in August 2001, he simultaneously performed duties of director of the Turkmen National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan. From 2003 to 2005, he worked as Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan. He was awarded “For the love of Fatherland” and “Gayrat” medals and “Galkynysh” order.

Benjamin W. Crowninshield

Brvt. Col Bogner Outlet bijn. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield (1837–1892) was a member of the Boston Brahmin Crowninshield family.

He was born in Boston March 12, 1837. His father was Francis Boardman Crowninshield (1809–1877) and mother was Sarah Putnam (1810–1880). He attended Harvard College, graduating in 1858

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, along with classmates Henry Hobson Richardson and Henry Adams. Adams’ Education of Henry Adams (1918) includes descriptions of his friendship with Crowninshield.
At Harvard, Crowninshield kept a daily diary through his junior and senior years, which was published in 1941 by his son Francis, under the title A Private Journal, 1856–1858. It records that he was captain of the rowing team

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; handled most of his classes with ease, with the exception of Logic which he called “that cursed nonsense”; was president, Learoyd Director, and Abercrombie Treasurer of the Glee Club; was a member of the Porcellian Club and Pierian Sodality; was treasurer of the Hasty Pudding; sang in the choir; and played the ‘cello. He resided, in 1856, at Number 9 Hollis Hall. His diary records many activities, from visiting old friends through attending drawing courses and music lessons; going to dances, theatres, and concerts; playing billiards at Ripley’s; and spending the evening in Parker’s Restaurant; to spending a whole day making a model boat.
Other people that he befriended at Harvard, according to his diary, include Robert Gould Shaw, whom Crowninshield first met when Shaw was a freshman who was hoping to become a member of the Pierian Sodality. Crowninshield was also friends at Harvard with William Henry Fitzhugh Lee. His diary entry for 1856-11-19, for example The Kooples SS15, records him playing whist “till the sociable (Lee’s) was ready at L. Erving’s room”. (The “sociable” was a party.) Its entry for 1857-06-24 records him going “into town to a supper at Parker’s given in honor of Lee, Jones, Lowndes all of whom are going to leave the class”.
With the onset of the Civil War, Crowninshield enlisted as a lieutenant with the First Massachusetts Cavalry on 1861-11-05. He rose through the ranks, being promoted to first lieutenant on 1861-12-19, captain on 1862-03-26, and major on 1864-08-10. He was aide de camp to General Philip Sheridan, remaining with the General until mustered out on 1864-11-06. On 1865-06-17 he reached the highest rank that he was to attain, brevet colonel of the U.S. Volunteers.
One coincidence that befell him during the War was that when W.H.F. Lee (by then major general in the Confederate army) was captured, as a prisoner he automatically fell under the direct control of the provost marshal. At the time, that was Crowninshield. Crowninshield ‘s son, Francis B. Crowninshield, was later to record that it was “a truly embarrassing position for both of them”, with Lee rejecting “any of the privileges [that] Crowninshield tried to bestow upon him”.
Crowninshield pursued the study of history, publishing and speaking on various topics, such as yachting and military history.[citation needed] He wrote his History of the First Massachusetts Cavalry (see further reading) in 1891. His personal account of Sheridan at Winchester (also listed in further reading) was published in Atlantic Monthly.
In 1868, Crowninshield commissioned his friend H.H. Richardson to design and build a house on Marlborough Street in the newly land-filled Back Bay area of Boston. The Crowninshield House, completed in 1870, still exists.
After the War, Crowninshield married and moved to New York, where he was a member of New York drygoods merchants Sprague, Colburn, and Company. In 1868 he moved to Boston to join a different drygood merchants, Wheelwright, Anderson, and Company. He was later president of the Realty Company.
His health began to fail in 1891, and he died January 16, 1892, at age 55, in Rome, having travelled to Europe for a rest. His oldest son was boat designer Bowdoin B. Crowninshield (1867–1948).

Midnight Songs poetry

Midnight Songs poetry (Chinese: 子夜歌; pinyin: zǐyè gē), also Tzu-yeh Songs, refers both to a genre of poetry as well as to specifically collected poems under the same name, during the fourth century CE. This is of major significance within the Classical Chinese poetry tradition, finding such practitioners of the genre as Li Bai (also known as Li Bo or Li Po); as well as importantly influencing world poetry through translations, such as by David Hinton. The Midnight Songs have been much used as inspiration for later poetry kurtki bogner.

Although, traditionally the original set of poems was considered to be composed by an eponymously named woman (“Lady Midnight”) living during the Jin Dynasty, in modern Jiangnan kurtki bogner, it is more likely that the Midnight Songs are actually a collection of poems by various poets, and/or from the folk tradition.
The poems are arranged into four sections for the four seasons: spring, summer kurtki bogner, winter, and autumn. Thematically, they thus represent four views of the seasons. According to one count, there are 117 of the poems in the traditional collection. They are all considered to be in the yuefu form kurtki bogner; however, they are also all five-character per line quatrains, created from two couplets each, similar to the jueju form of later popularity.

Tec-Mec Automobili

Tec-Mec Automobili war ein italienischer Rennwagenkonstrukteur aus Modena, der 1959 unter anderem ein Fahrzeug für die Formel 1 herstellte. Das Auto nahm nur an einer Rennveranstaltung teil.

Das anfänglich Studio Technica Meccanica genannte Unternehmen wurde 1958 von dem Ingenieur Valerio Colotti gegründet. Colotti war bis 1957 bei Maserati beschäftigt gewesen und hatte dort Teile des erfolgreichen Formel 1-Modells Maserati 250F konstruiert. Nachdem Maserati Ende 1957 sein werksseitiges Formel 1-Engagement aufgegeben hatte, entschied sich Colotti für den Aufbau eines eigenen Unternehmens, das in Auftragsarbeit Komponenten für den Motorsport entwickeln und herstellen sollte. Zu den ersten Arbeiten Colottis gehörte die Entwicklung eines Formel 1-Getriebes, das 1959 vom britischen Team Rob Walker Racing für Stirling Moss eingesetzt wurde.
1958 beauftragte der italienische Privatfahrer Giorgio Scarlatti, der auf der Suche nach einem Nachfolger für seinen veralteten Maserati 250 F war

Bogner Damen Stickerei Marine

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, Colottis Studio Technica Meccanica mit der Entwicklung eines neuen Rennwagens. Colotti begann mit den Arbeiten, bevor sie allerdings vollendet werden konnten, verkaufte Colotti seinen Betrieb an den Amerikaner George Pennington und den Schweizer Hans Tanner, die den Namen des Unternehmens in Tec-Mec Automobili änderten. Während Colotti daraufhin zusammen mit Alf Francis das Unternehmen Gear Speed Developments (später: Colotti Trasmissioni) gründete

Bogner Herren Rücknahtreißverschlüsse Marine

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, setzten Pennington und Tanner mit Hilfe des Mechanikers Giuseppe Consoli den Aufbau des von Colotti initiierten Formel 1-Autos fort. Der Tec-Mec 415 genannte Wagen wurde im Spätsommer 1959 fertiggestellt und sodann an ein amerikanisches Team verliehen, das ihn zu einem Formel 1-Rennen meldete. Dabei lieferte der Wagen enttäuschende Ergebnisse. Tec Mec stellte daraufhin die Formel 1-Bemühungen ein. Später entwarf das Unternehmen noch einen Wagen für die Formel Junior, der von einem Fiat-Motor angetrieben wurde. Auch dieses Fahrzeug konnte nicht überzeugen. Tec-Mec stellte daraufhin den Betrieb ein.
Bei der Konzeption des Tec-Mec 415 verfolgte Colotti das Ziel, eine leichtere, effektivere Version des anfänglich sehr erfolgreichen Maserati 250F zu entwickeln. Erste Überlegungen hierzu hatte Colotti noch während seiner Zeit bei Maserati angestellt; nach der Gründung seines eigenen Unternehmens setzte er entsprechende Entwicklungen fort fußballtrikots sale 2016. Konzeptionell ähnelte der Tec Mec 415 dem Maserati 250F. Der Wagen beruhte auf einem Gitterrohrrahmen; allerdings verwendete er dünnere Rohre als der Maserati. Alle Räder waren einzeln aufgehängt. Als Antrieb diente ein Maserati-Motor, der vorn installiert war. Das Frontmotorkonzept war konservativ; 1959, als der Tec-Mec 415 vorgestellt wurde, hatten die Wagen von Cooper bereits die Überlegenheit des Mittelmotorkonzepts unter Beweis gestellt. Der Tec-Mec hatte an allen vier Rädern Einzelradaufhängung.
Der Tec-Mec-Mechaniker Consoli baute den 415 im Laufe des Jahres 1959 auf. Im Spätsommer 1959 war das Auto komplettiert. Bob Said, Piero Drogo, Joakim Bonnier und Giorgio Scarlatti führten die ersten Testfahrten durch, hielten das Auto in seinem ursprünglichen Zustand aber übereinstimmend nicht für renntauglich. Eine Meldung des Wagens zum Großen Preis von Italien 1959 wurde daraufhin zurückgezogen.
Nach einer schnellen Überarbeitung des Fahrwerks übernahm der amerikanische Rennstall Camoradi Racing den Tec Mec 415 und meldete ihn zum Großen Preis der USA 1959, der im Dezember 1959 auf dem Sebring International Raceway in Florida abgehalten wurde. Als Fahrer wurde der Brasilianer Fritz d’Orey verpflichtet, der mit Pennington bekannt war, aber nur über geringe Erfahrung im Grand Prix-Sport verfügte Bogner Online Shop. Beim Qualifikationstraining in Sebring litt der Tec-Mec 415 unter einem Kolbendefekt, sodass auf zwei Zylindern nicht genügend Kompression aufgebaut wurde. D’Orey erreichte mit dem defekten Fahrzeug eine Qualifikationszeit, die um mehr als 33 Sekunden über der Rundenzeit des Pole-Fahrers Stirling Moss lag. Er ging als 17. von 19 Fahrern ins Rennen und schied nach acht Runden aus, nachdem sein Motor einen Totalschaden erlitten hatte.
Das Auto wurde noch einmal bei einer Hochgeschwindigkeitsfahrt außerhalb der Formel 1 eingesetzt. Auch hier erlitt der Tec-Mec 415 einen Motorschaden. Tec-Mec gab das Fahrzeug daraufhin auf. Es stand lange Jahre in Tom Wheatcrafts Rennwagensammlung in Donington Park.

Rendez-vous (épisode de Prison Break)

“Rendez-vous” est le trente-deuxième épisode du feuilleton télévisé Prison Break, c’est le dixième épisode de la deuxième saison.

Au bureau du FBI à Chicago, dans l’Illinois, l’agent Lang annonce avec satisfaction que Lincoln a été arrêté par la police de Willcox en Arizona. Mais Mahone reste injoignable.
À l’hôtel Sundown, Sara Tancredi reçoit un fax de Michael lui fixant le lieu et l’heure du rendez-vous. L’agent Kim demande à Kellerman de faire en sorte que Lincoln soit enfin éliminé. Peu après Mahone annonce à Kellerman qu’il est sur le point de retrouver Michael Scofield en compagnie de Sara Tancredi à Gila au Nouveau-Mexique. Il fait le tour de tous les hôtels de la ville et finit par retrouver celui de Sara. Il prend connaissance du lieu de rendez-vous grâce au fax resté en mémoire dans l’appareil.
Michael et Sara finissent enfin par se rencontrer. Il la remercie d’être venue au rendez-vous mais elle lui répond qu’elle n’avait pas le choix et qu’elle veut connaître le plan qu’il évoquait dans son premier message. Elle est déçue lorsqu’elle apprend qu’il s’agit de s’enfuir au Panama avec lui et son frère, elle espérait obtenir plus de réponses à propos de tous les évènements qui se sont enchainés dans sa vie mais il est incapable de les lui fournir. Elle lui reproche de lui avoir menti, de ne lui avoir jamais parlé des autres prisonniers et surtout de l’avoir rendue complice de l’évasion de T-Bag. Il est touché par ses propos et tente de s’excuser. Il affirme qu’il l’a fait uniquement pour sauver la vie de Lincoln mais elle l’interrompt en lui annonçant la mort de son père. Bouleversé par cette nouvelle, il implore son pardon en lui avouant que le fait de lui avoir fait du mal est son plus gros regret. Mais Sara reste sur la défensive. Il s’excuse une nouvelle fois et lui offre son aide pour qu’elle ne soit plus seule. Au moment où elle s’approche de Michael en reconnaissant qu’elle ne veut pas être seule 2016 soccer jerseys vente, la voiture de Mahone surgit au loin. Ils grimpent dans la voiture de Michael et se font pourchassés par l’agent Mahone, ils rentrent dans la cour d’une usine désaffectée et emboutissent un mur. En s’échappant à l’intérieur de l’usine, Michael affirme à Sara que l’agent Mahone ne va pas appeler les secours car il veut le tuer. Mahone entre à son tour dans l’usine mais se fait prendre au piège par Michael. Il est enfermé à l’intérieur d’une cage grillagée. Michael ouvre le réservoir de propane pour empêcher Mahone de faire usage de son arme, la moindre étincelle provoquerait une explosion. Michael casse une vitre pour laisser l’air rentrer car, comme Mahone l’a bien compris, Michael n’est pas un tueur. Le jeune homme redemande à Mahone de laisser tomber, de ne plus chercher à les suivre car il sait parfaitement que Lincoln est innocent du crime dont on l’accuse. Mais l’agent du FBI refuse sa proposition et lui jure qu’il le suivra partout où il ira, même jusqu’au Panama, et qu’il le tuera. Le laissant dans l’usine, Michael et Sara reprennent leur route. Ils s’arrêtent dans un motel après avoir acheté un kit de secours, des téléphones portables et des brosses à dent. Pendant que Sara soigne la blessure au bras qu’il s’est faite à l’intérieur de l’usine, Michael reconnaît qu’il n’a jamais été diabétique. Elle lui fait part de son inquiétude à son sujet: elle pense qu’au fond de lui, il aime vivre dangereusement et ça lui fait peur car elle sait ce qu’est la dépendance. Il n’y a jamais pensé mais il lui demande de lui accorder un jour supplémentaire. Elle ne répond pas. Avant d’entrer dans la salle de bain, il lui redit qu’il est content qu’elle soit venue au rendez-vous. Mais après avoir pris sa douche, il est effondré lorsqu’il constate qu’elle s’est enfuie en lui laissant un mot. Sara se dirige vers sa voiture mais ne démarre pas immédiatement. Elle reste quelques minutes au volant et se rend compte avec émotion qu’elle est incapable de s’en aller. En sortant du véhicule pour rejoindre finalement Michael, elle tombe nez à nez avec l’agent Kellerman.
Dans la voiture de police, Lincoln demande aux policiers de laisser partir son fils L.J. qui ne souffre que de légères contusions maillots de foots. Mais ceux-ci refusent. Soudain un véhicule aux vitres teintées surgit derrière eux et provoque volontairement un accident. La voiture de police quitte la route et s’encastre contre un arbre. Tandis que Lincoln et son fils, toujours menottés, s’extirpent du véhicule, des hommes et une femme aux cheveux blonds issus de l’autre voiture, tentent de les attraper. Lincoln se débat et frappe la jeune femme blonde mais elle lui annonce furieuse qu’ils sont de son côté ainsi que de son père. Ils se réfugient peu après dans une maison isolée. À l’intérieur de cette maison, Lincoln reste sur ses gardes, il n’a pas confiance en ces inconnus même si la jeune femme blonde tente de lui faire comprendre qu’ils sont de leur côté. En attendant l’arrivée de son père, Lincoln explique à son fils que son père est à l’origine de tous ses ennuis, qu’il travaillait pour des personnes qui désirent le voir mort. La jeune femme, qui s’appelle Jane, travaillait également pour le Cartel, elle affirme à Lincoln que son père veut vraiment le voir ainsi que son frère et la dernière fois qu’il aurait vu Michael, celui-ci avait 10 ans. Lincoln réagit en entrainant L.J. avec lui car il sait très bien que son père est parti avant la naissance de Michael. Mais Aldo Burrows entre dans la maison et l’appelle. Un peu plus tard, Aldo fait connaissance avec son petit-fils L.J. puis explique à Lincoln que lui et Michael n’ont plus besoin de fuir au Panama. Pendant ce temps, l’homme de main du Cartel dissimulé parmi les associés d’Aldo Burrows reçoit l’ordre de les tuer tous les trois.
À Tribune au Kansas, Bellick et Geary torturent en vain T-Bag pour qu’il leur avoue où il a caché l’argent de Westmoreland. T-Bag tente de s’enfuir mais Bellick et Geary arrivent à le rattraper. Il fait tomber la clé de son coffre durant la lutte et l’avale pour éviter qu’ils la lui volent. Bellick et Geary décident donc de l’attacher sur les toilettes et de lui donner de la chique et des laxatifs, achetés avec la carte de crédit de Bellick, en attendant que la nature fasse son effet. Plusieurs heures plus tard, T-Bag finit par “restituer” la clé. Bellick demande à Geary de la récupérer, ce qu’il fait avec dégoût. Avant de quitter la maison de Susan Hollander, les deux hommes attachent T-Bag, suppliant, au radiateur puis appellent la police. À la gare, ils trouvent le sac rempli d’argent dans le coffre et vont dans un endroit isolé pour vérifier le contenu. Geary décide de faire cavalier seul et assomme son associé.
À Dinosaur dans le Nebraska, laissant sa voiture tombée en panne, Sucre continue son chemin à pied et trouve une cabine téléphonique. Il appelle Maricruz mais tombe sur sa sœur Theresa. Celle-ci lui annonce qu’elle et Maricruz partent dans l’après-midi au Mexique. Il lui donne le numéro de téléphone de la cabine pour que Maricruz puisse le rappeler. Malheureusement au moment où le téléphone sonne, des policiers se trouvent près de la cabine. Sucre devant resté caché, il ne peut décrocher. Sitôt les agents partis, il tombe sur le répondeur de Maricruz et lui laisse un message dans lequel il lui informe qu’il sera la semaine suivante à l’aéroport d’Ixtapa pour la voir. Pendant ce temps, Hector arrive furieux chez une amie de Maricruz et Theresa, Kalinda, pour voir Maricruz. Il comprend que la jeune femme est partie au Mexique en utilisant les billets de la lune de miel.
Aux États-Unis, un certain nombre de séries sont interrompues vers la fin de l’automne pour reprendre quelques mois plus tard. Juste avant cette pause, se déroulent durant tout le mois de novembre: les “november sweeps”. Durant cette période, les séries sont analysées de façon très précise par les critiques, les producteurs 2016 soccer jerseys vente, les diffuseurs et surtout les annonceurs. Ainsi, il est notoire que les sweeps décident de la survie ou non d’une série. Les grandes chaînes américaines de télévision se livrant à une concurrence acharnée, des évènements attendus ou des guest-stars font leur apparition principalement pendant ce laps de temps. “Rendez-vous” est le premier épisode de la deuxième saison de Prison Break à être diffusé pendant les sweeps d’automne. Le fait que Michael Scofield et Sara Tancredi se revoient dans cet épisode, pour la première fois depuis le début de cette deuxième saison, n’est donc pas le fruit du hasard.
En termes d’audience, si l’émission “Country Music Association Awards” sur ABC se hisse à la première place, “Rendez-vous” est premier chez les 18-34 ans

Bogner Ski Bleu Jaune Rouge

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, avec 8,6 millions de téléspectateurs,.


Die Halbleiterindustrie ist ein spezialisierter Bereich der Elektroindustrie. Die Unternehmen dieses Wirtschaftszweigs sind im Bereich der Herstellung und Vertrieb von Halbleiter basierten Bauelemente und Baugruppen tätig, das heißt sowohl Hersteller dieser Produkte, auch Halbleiterhersteller genannt bogner fire and ice, als auch Zulieferer für das Halbleitermaterial oder spezieller Produktionsanlagen, wie Fotolithografie-Anlagen

Bogner Herren Print Rote

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. Auch wenn die Photovoltaik ebenfalls Halbleiterbauteile nutzt und herstellen, werden diese Unternehmen im Allgemeinen nicht zur Halbleiterindustrie sondern zur Photovoltaikindustrie gezählt.
Typische Produkte der Halbleiterindustrie sind sowohl diskrete Halbleiterbauelemente, wie Dioden MCM Rucksack 2016, Transistoren, Thyristoren oder Leuchtdioden, als auch komplexere mikroelektronische Erzeugnisse, wie Halbleiterspeicher und integrierte Schaltkreise (ICs). Des Weiteren zählen mikrosystemtechnische Bauelemente und -gruppen wie Sensoren und Aktuatoren (Wandler) zur Halbleiterindustrie.
In nachfolgender Tabelle sind die im Jahr 2010 weltweit fünf größten Unternehmen und deren Marktanteile aus dem Bereich der Halbleiterindustrie angeführt Bogner Online Shop.