A great number of people will remember this life philosophy.

Kelly is a clothes seller working in Karen Millen dress speciality shop. She told us a short story what she had experienced. A boy and a girl who had been in love for a long time. They had lots of unpleasant problems among them. Then 2016 prada bolsos, the boy had the idea to break up. One day, the boy made an appointment with the girl. When they walked along the sreet, the boy saw a clothing store in front of them, and then told to the girl, “I would buy acloth for you. There displayed all sorts of color and style of clothes. They tried one and another again and again. They both felt that the clothes neither too expensive nor too strident. At that time, Kelly walked towards to them, and said: young man, each suit has its disadvantages and advantage. In our daily life, it is impossible for you to choose a completely satisfied clothes but a more suitable clothes.” After hearing this, the boy considered for a while and said thank you to Kelly, then disappeared. One month later, Kelly received an invitation, which said: “hello! We sincerely invite you to attend our wedding ceremony.It is you who let us know that clothes is not perfect Maje High Quality, also for people. In our life, understanding and tolerance is most important. Therefor jimmy choo shoes, please attend our wedding…” In fact , I was greatly moved by this story. Many people don’t know to cherish the sideward person. I think this story will not benefit me only. A great number of people will remember this life philosophy.

Expelled for taking bribes

Jessica is the eldest son of his parents, though he still has two younger brothers, his parents put all their hopes on him. His parents work on a farm, they are very hard all day, they want their son to be excellent, change the fate by learning and can be a civil servant in the end, which is an impossible dream for them to come true.
Jessica‘s parents were strict with Jessica from a young age Jessica, and took him to a good local primary school, Jessica seemed to have seen the expectations of parents, therefore redouble his efforts to learn. His results have been good. Parents felt honored to have this good son as well. What made his parents expected was that Jessica was admitted to a key middle school high school and college smoothly.
Year before graduation, his parents asked him to sign up the civil service exam. Jessica followed her parents’ advice and concentrated on reading the information on the civil service. The second year, Jessica was admitted to the civil service that he applied for. It did make him and his parents could not sleep for several days with excitement.
Jessica behaved well at work; her boss spoke highly of him and often assigned to him something very important. He worked in the traffic police One Dollar Shopping, which was easier to be bribed. Many people would ask him to help with a variety of gifts One Dollar Sale. Such as, GUCCI handbag, COACH handbag and so on. These packages were very leather texture, felt a bit like a combination of PU plus thick denim without variable type. This was what his parents wanted Jessica to become a officer, in addition to a fixed base salary 1 dollar get iPhone, he could get everyone’s bribery.
One day, a man named Isabella had an accident and was arrested, labella revealed to the Secretary that Jessica had received his gifts and released him. Then Flash Sale, the Secretary had a strict inspection and found Jessica did not the first time to do so. So Jessica was arrested according to law, not to mention his work be preserved, he was sentenced to four years. his parents left the tears of regret, it was they that let her son go to jail at last.

Herve Leger dress

Herve Leger dress, its brand insisting on absorb the essence from modern fashion jacken outlet, eflects modern woman’s extremely unglamorous simplicity. Herve Leger dress’s elaborate sewing, stunning geometry line can bring endless aftertaste in the past age christian louboutin shoes. Dignified and distinctive Herve Leger dress art sends out a strongly classic romantic breath which likes a charming palace portrait bogner outlet 2016, continuously deducing portrait of tradition and modern charm self-image. Herve Leger dress is the spokesman of beauty and new concept style.

The cafe in a snow

The white snow on the street was swept out to a road only allowed one people through. In this winter, few people would come out to hang out. The whole block was solitude and quiet, only heard the wind blowing occasionally and the affectionate response was echoed by corner bells. It was home to a small cafe, its business was not very well. It was estimated that the person of the city still had not the habit of its presence bottega veneta online.
However, the female boss did not worry. Even though the store only had a guest, the female boss would also use full of enthusiasm to greet him. The display of the store was very simple, besides coffee equipment, a few pieces of black table, and a gramophone, there were no others. But it added the warm for this winter. The gramophone was the only thing her father left. Sometimes the gentle sounded the classic music maglie nike a buon mercato on-line; took a person to renew his dream bogner outlet.
When the bells rang, the female boss thought it was the cold wind again. But she saw a woman who wearing the herve leger dress pushed the door and came in sacs lancel pas cher 2016. The woman didn’t speak any words; just went straight to a seat near the window, looking out the window. The female boss understood this woman, she had never talked with people and liked looking out of the window quietly, and liked the Espresso without anything, and she was a modern woman that independent of man.
The female boss put the Espresso in her front, ready to walk back to the stage, “could you accompany me a moment”? the female boss stopped, this was the second time the woman who always wearing the herve leger dress spoke, the first time was that she wanted the Espresso, but it was a long time ago. The woman turned to watch the Espresso and smiled.
The female boss sat down in her opposite, “your smile was so nice, and why do not you often laugh?”
The woman recovered her face of frost immediately. “Do you know why I always come to here?”

Beats Commits puts endurance in the first position

We can’t miss music whether on the way to work, or sitting on sofa at leisure tbolsos diorime. Now MP3 is gradually replaced by mobilephone. webogner jas are not satisfied with the music contaminated by original headphone, so choose a high quality headphone become the most pressing needs. In our eyes, professional audio test is too esoteric.There are lots offotboll kläder friends say that for headphone, timbre is the most important , but some of them say the bass is good, even others say beauty and so on. However, durable is the first standard for headphone. Monster Beats Commits to manifacture durable headphone. However nice voice is, or however beautiful style is, if a headphone broke after a half year, is it meaningful? This is also the reason why Beats Commits puts endurance in the first position.

The moment of Lucky

Ellen is a sales manager in ABC Company in ABC Company; He is very rich and often goes to work by driving her own car. One day, under thAdidas jerseys4e pouring rain outside, Ellen hesitated for a moment. In order to keep safe, EllenAdidas jerseys4 made up his mind to attend one meeting by bus.
He got everything ready, and then toAdidas jerseys4ok an umbrella with him. Fortunately, he caught a bAdidas jerseys4us without a hitch. To make matter worse, when he get to company, he found that her COACH handbag Adidas jerseys4leave behind that bus. He was very nervous and disappointed at that time, because there are many important corporate and personal data in it, what he never expected was that his Office Phone rang a hour later. It is a lady who picked up his COACH handbag and keep touch with him. Ellen got back his COACH handbag and was impressed at last.

different shades of fabric texture feels more charm and beautiful.

Herve Leger is the “red carpet combat gear” for European actress which can be called the most contemporary dress. Herve Leger is famous for tthat close to its body lines obolsos diorf the “bandage” design. There are so many colors can be chosen. Many stars like to use Christian Christian Louboutin red shoes matching with Herve Leger dress. The beautiful girdle chic design wprada schoenenould make waist even more longer, and chmichael kors onlineic bra which is so exquisite that can make the figure more beautiful. What’s more, different shades of fabric texture feels more charm and beautiful.

Planning for herself

Elizabeth was like the other girls, she liked fashion, dressed herself In college, whenchaquetas bogner Elizabeth studied in the university, her parents gave her eight hundred Yuan to her per month. Compared witbogner outleth other students, it had been a lot, but for Elizabeth, it had never seemed to be enough for Elizabeth to spend. She bought a lot of popular clothing, shoes and so on at each period.
When Elizabeth graduated, looking back over the past four years, she found that she almost spent most of her money on clothes. But the time she went to work, there seemed to be no one was suitable for her to wear. She then felt that she was failure in the financial management. If she saved money before, at least although she is working now, she could not ask her parents for money to buy clothes. It made Elizabeth feel very embarrassed and very sorry to her parents.
Whebogner jacken she realized this, she began to do her own planning, that is, had part of the monthly salary to buy one or two BCBG max dress, Herve Leger dress, Karen Millen dress and so on. At first, Elizabeth felt it difficult to stick with it, on the one hand, because she felt that their salaries are little, she could not buy any cloth that they like. On the other hand, she used to purchasing habits before. However, six months passed, she found her slowly began to adapt her work, and he was more like a white-collar staff.
Her company often sent her to attend an important meeting, or host the company’s important clients. She put on these clothes, as she was very confident, she was praised by all the leadership, and she was promoted soon. When asked why she was so confident. She proudly replied that it was these dresses that made her so confident, the dresses were very chic, looked different and were quite charming for all girls. Then leadership sent all staff three BCBG max dress, Herve Leger dress, Karen Millen dress for them.
Finally, their company had a good working environment and good incentives, the team has a good bogner jassenspirit of cooperation, and their company eventually became one of the most competitive companies in the local place.

Dream is on the way

We are so lucky with the fact that we are in age for dreams. The grieved thing is there are few people who can insist their dreams and realize them. The famous leader of African-American Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. made the heart-stirring speech of “I have a dream”, which is famous all over the world all the time. The heart-stirring thing for me is my dream is on the way.
Chances are everywhere. The key point is the eyes to find them out in life. I am always on the way to explore chances and persist in my dreams. In the lonely journey for dream, a pair of good shoes is no doubt our best friend, and the quality Timberland boots are always my favorite. The unique design mind in the popular Timberland boots is what spirit I insist on. As a result, I think I walk with not only one pair of shoes in my feet, but also advance with the spirit. Yes, I will adhere to wearing jack wolfskin jackets to explore because I know my dream is on the way.
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A warm homecoming: Mackage opens Carrefour Laval flagship, hundreds pack party

They started out 16 years ago at age 20 with the idea to create snug, stylish, warm coats — a winning proposition in Montreal and the rest of Canada.

Now Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan of Mackage have built a worldwide business, with a store in SoHo in New York and perhaps 1,000 points of sale globally. These include the best of the best: Harrods and Harvey Nichols in London, L’Éclaireur in Paris, and the big names in the U.S., including Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s, Nordstrom and Saks, stock the line. Oh, and Holt Renfrew, Ogilvy and Harry Rosen in Canada, among hundreds of smaller boutiques.

This week, the duo behind the Montreal brand opened their first Canadian store, at Carrefour Laval, coming five years after the SoHo shop and an earlier short-lived shop on the Boulevard St-Germain in Paris.

It was a warm homecoming, with a party that drew hundreds of fans to launch the 2,000-square-foot store, sleekly designed with gleaming black walls by Toronto firm Burdifilek.

Why here, why now and why did it take so long?

Carrefour Laval is the best mall in Quebec, they said, and it is also close to their headquarters on Chabanel St. W., allowing them to visit frequently and perfect every merchandising detail.

The store is the prototype for a new concept, according to Elfassy. “Everything in this store is made to measure,” he said, adding Burdifilek’s design for the Galleria department store in Seoul was the clincher in choosing the firm.

“We love their esthetic,” Dahan said.

So yes, there are more retail plans afoot, with three locations in Toronto and Montreal under consideration at the moment.

They had wanted a downtown location in Montreal, but the Laval store opened up first. “When we find the right spot downtown, we’ll be there,” Dahan said.

The move to retail for designers has been a trend for decades now, as it gives a brand an outlet to tell its story and show all of its designs in a carefully chosen environment.

You can be in every store in the world, but what’s important is how you are represented, Elfassy said.

“It’s to show the Mackage universe,” he said.

Two years ago they launched bags, with a signature arrow embellishment, which have also been widely embraced by retailers.

But they discontinued a ready-to-wear line. It was overwhelming to them, Elfassy said. Also, Dahan added, there is a price-point issue for ready-to-wear: with styles changing every season, many people would not want to pay the high cost for the quality Mackage demands.

How two young designers launched the successful brand while still at LaSalle College is a story of a clear design esthetic, and perhaps just a bit of help from the Elfassy clan of four brothers.

Elfassy’s two eldest brothers, Michel and Ilan, had a leather company, APP, which became the base for the business, and now also includes sister brand Soïa & Kyo. Elfassy and Dahan first put their fashion imprint on the leather goods, then moved on to every kind of outerwear, from cloth to down, with injections of leather and fur.

Their esthetic was clear from the beginning, and influenced coat design widely. What they saw was a need for close-cut, fashionable coats with details galore. They cut for a young, trendy petite market and soon gained a celebrity following, dressing Andie MacDowell, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow.

They still do some manufacturing in Canada, but travel the world for fabric and production sources: wool from Italy, China for down production and Turkey for leather. They don’t disclose numbers, but say growth is in the 30-per-cent range annually.

Now they are revisiting and improving some of their most popular designs, like the hooded parka with a signature V fur trim and inner zip vest. Down is trending this season, Elfassy said, and for the first time they have rated their coats for warmth — the warmest being good to go at minus 35 degrees — with “self-warming” four-layer pockets.

Once they expanded internationally, they saw that our winter wear is too warm for many places on the planet, so they broadened the range of coats to suit many climates.

In fact, even in Montreal outerwear must cover a huge range of weather.

So how many coats does one need?

To Dahan and Elfassy, three basics apply to both men and women: a leather jacket, cloth coat and down parka.

But Dahan, the mother of three young children, doesn’t know where to store her collection of coats anymore. It’s an archive from 16 years in business — ballpark 150 coats — which she has stashed in her children’s closets.

Elfassy says he’s a classic kind of guy, and owns perhaps 50 jackets and coats.

“It’s all about the shoes, the handbag and the coat you wear,” he said.