Pressbyrån er et svensk firma, som driver kiosker og mindre servicebutikker, ofte ved eller i tilslutning til jernbanestationer, busterminaler eller lignende bottle with glass. Pressbyrån har i dag 320 kiosker, som alle drives af franchisetagere. Koncernens målsætning er stainless steel water bottles safe, ifølge deres hjemmeside, at have god tilgængelighed både når det gælder beliggenhed og åbningstider. Pressbyrån ejes i dag af det norske firma Reitangruppen, som også driver bl.a. 7-Eleven, Easy24 og Rema 1000.

Pressbyrån er et svensk firma som blev udviklet ud fra Svenska Telegrambyrån, som i 1899 af SJ fik til opgave at sælge tidsskrifter på landets jernbanestationer. Den første kiosk blev åbnet i 1903 udenfor Helsingborgs centralstation, og i 1909 blev navnet ændret til Svenska Pressbyrån, som var et selskab ejet af den svenske presse.

Pressbyrån havde også salg om bord på togene, og i 1932 indførte man en verdensnyhed, hvilket betød at man på en hurtigere måde fik tidsskrifterne frem til byer uden for Stockholm, hvor tidsskrifterne blev trykt. Dette blev opnået ved at man bundtede og sorterede tidsskrifterne om bord på togene under rejsen. Dette system var i brug frem til 1984, hvor tidsskrifterne begyndte at kunne trykkes i flere byer. I 1950 begyndte tidsskrifterne at blive transporteret med fly, og også her var Pressbyrån med thermos vacuum insulated 24 ounce stainless steel hydration bottle. Man fokuserede på et system hvor man kunne folde passagersæderne op på vej fra Stockholm og, når man havde læsset tidsskrifterne på, folde passagersæderne ned igen på hjemturen og på denne måde øge effektiviteten ved at tage passagerer med. Dette var grundlaget for flyselskabet Linjeflyg, hvor Pressbyrån var en af deltagerne.

Pressbyrån har også haft egen produktion af postkort, en virksomhed som startede i 1932 og ophørte i 1966. Postkortene forestillede lokale seværdigheder og kendetegn. Da sundhedsnævnet omkring år 1935 bestemte, at kugleis ikke måtte sælges af kiosker, introducerede Pressbyrån ispinde i hygiejnisk papirindpakning.

I Stockholms Tunnelbana var Pressbyrån med og havde kiosker på hver station på den første strækning, den grønne linje.

Pressbyrån Extra omfatter Pressbyråns 11 specialbutikker, fokuseret på et omfattende udvalg af både svenske og udenlandske tidsskrifter. Pressbyrån Extra har samme udvalg som den almindelige Pressbyrån, men med den forskel at både udvalget og kundskaben om tidsskrifter er større end i Pressbyråns øvrige butikker. Dette indebærer for kunderne at en Pressbyrån Extra-butik har et samlet udvalg på mere end 2.000 titler om året running bands for phones.

The Information

The Information is the seventh studio album and tenth overall by American alternative rock musician Beck, released in October 3, 2006 on Interscope Records. It was produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich socks at wholesale prices, with whom Beck had previously recorded Mutations (1998) and Sea Change (2002). Recording took place from 2003 to 2006, with Beck concurrently working on another album, 2005’s Guero, with The Dust Brothers. The album received positive reviews from critics and made several publications’ year-end lists.

Before its release, Beck said the album was not a “stripped down” record, in contrast with his previous Godrich collaborations Mutations and Sea Change. According to Beck, “Nigel [Godrich] said he wanted to do a hip-hop record” before they began work on the album. “And in a way it is, and in a way it isn’t. It has hip-hop songs, and my previous work with him was Mutations and Sea Change, these sort of introspective records, and so this new one is sort of bringing those two worlds together.”

In an interview with the BBC, Beck said the album had been “painful” to make:

It started out painless, and ended up being painful. It’s as if we made the album once, and we made it again, and we made it a third time. We started the record in 2003, and we got together annually, the producer [Nigel Godrich] and I. We combed over everything, and got rid of the things we were tired of, the things that seemed trite.

The first single in North America was “Nausea”, which was officially released to radio on September 5, 2006. The first single in the UK was “Cellphone’s Dead”, with an official video directed by Michel Gondry. “Think I’m in Love” went to US radio as the second and final single and became a Modern Rock and Triple A radio hit, garnering renewed interest in The Information.

On February 27, 2007, a “deluxe version” of the album was released. It contained the original album plus three songs only available internationally, six remixes, a complete printing of the lyrics, a DVD with all the studio-released videos plus bonus non-studio-released videos of “Nausea” and “Cellphone’s Dead”, and four different sticker sheets for the album cover.

Some copies of the album include a bonus DVD of specially filmed music videos, one for each track on the record. In the Wired interview, Beck explained the making of these videos, which would also appear on video-sharing site YouTube:

We filmed a series of very low-budget, homemade videos for all the songs on the record. We got a bunch of cameras and a $100 video mixer off eBay and shot 15 silly, impromptu videos against a green screen. We even invited our friends and family into the studio to be a part of the action – my mother-in-law did the lighting, and my son and nieces and nephews are running around acting crazy. It was just a complete free-for-all, done on the fly. We’re putting all the videos together right now with the idea of having a visual version of the record that we’ll put on the Internet. I’m totally curious to see how the videos will add to the experience of listening to the album. Or maybe they’ll actually detract from the experience. That would be funny.

The album was issued with a blank sleeve and booklet and one of four different sheets of stickers for fans to make their own album art. Beck explained to Wired magazine he wanted no two copies of the CD cover to be the same: “The artwork is going to be customizable. The idea is to provide something that calls for interactivity.” However, because the album art concept was seen as a gimmick to bolster retail sales, The Information was deemed ineligible to enter the UK Albums Chart.

For The Information, Beck made low-budget videos to accompany every song, packaged the CD with sheets of stickers so buyers could customize the cover and leaked tracks and videos on his web site months ahead of the album. “We’re moving into a time when the song and the imagery and video are all able to exist as one thing,” says Beck. “It’s not even technically an audio thing anymore. It’s something else.” He also remarked, “I’ve been trying to do something like this for the last three albums,” having released several versions of his previous album Guero, including a deluxe CD/DVD package and a remix album called Guerolito. “The conventional ways aren’t working like they used to, so now there’s a willingness to try new things

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.” Interscope would go on to release a deluxe edition of the album in 2007. It included a DVD containing the videos created collaboratively with producer Nigel Godrich and also a full disc of remixes which consisted of three songs remixed on six tracks.

The album reached #7 on the US’s Billboard 200, #6 in Canada and #31 on Australia’s ARIA Chart. As of July 2008, The Information has sold 434,000 copies in the United States. With listeners accustomed to hearing a brand new side of Beck on each album up to 2002’s Sea Change, critics would describe his works afterwards as being “Beck-like”, meaning they sounded more like revisits instead of reinventions. The New York Times would credit the album’s dark themes as a reflection of the world’s condition around him at the time, and felt that Beck had made that apparent on the videos released alongside the album. They felt its music was a 1960s pop-infused sound with a more driven message. The English webzine Drowned in Sound released a review that suggested The Information was a mature and honest attempt at a multiple genre production without recreating what he has already accomplished. They praised Beck’s variation in vocal style, ability to create a logical flow of tracks, and reflection of his unpredictable styles. The Village Voice credited Beck as being as detached as he has ever been and that the band was far more energetic then he. They highlighted his work with Nigel Godrich as being even more sample-heavy than his Dust Brother collaborations, and felt that the album ultimately suffered from Beck’s disconnected approach. Pitchfork Media wrote a review for the deluxe edition of the album which they felt was mostly a cash-in on an overlooked album, but they did give respect to its full disc of remixes which included covers by big name performers.

Rolling Stone magazine named it the 24th best album of 2006, while Spin magazine ranked it number 10 on their 40 Best Albums of 2006.

All tracks written by Beck Hansen, except where noted running bands for phones.

Disc one contains the original 15-track album re-sequenced with “New Round” moved from track 7 to 14, “Dark Star” moved from track 8 to 7 and “Movie Theme” moved from track 14 to 8. The disc also includes all three Japanese bonus tracks from above for a total of 18 tracks.

The third disc contains the following music videos. Most of them homemade by Beck.

It should be noted that the United Kingdom’s Official Charts Company deemed The Information ineligible to chart, as they felt its customizable sticker album art gave it “an unfair advantage” in terms of album sales.

*sales figures based on certification alone
^shipments figures based on certification alone

Акылбек Сабалулы

17 сентября 1880(1880-09-17)

Российская империя Российская империя

4 января 1919(1919-01-04) (38 лет)

Акылбек Сабалулы cycling water bottles, Акылбек бин Сабал Турабаев (17.9.1880, бывшая Акботинская волость Каркаралинского уезда Семипалатинская область — 4.1.1919, аул Бестерек Бескарагайского района Восточно-Казахстанской области) — казахский акын.

Учился в медресе Ахмета Ризы в Семипалатинске. Владел арабским, персидским, турецким языками.

Большое влияние на творчество Акылбека оказала поэзия Абая. Переводы Акылбека восточных поэм и кисса обогатили казахскую литературу приключенческими поэмами-дастанами. В городе Казани изданы: «Таhир и 3yhpa» (1902, 1911), сборник «Ғашықнаме» (1916), «Бозжігіт» (1910, 1911), «Қисса Марғұба» (1911), «Ибраhим» (1911), «Хикмет Нығымет» (1911), «Қырық уәзір» (1911), «Алтын балық» (1912), «Самруғ» (1915), «Дандан ғашық», «Мағшұқнаме» (1910, 1911), «Назым» (1911), «Сұм заман» (1911) running bands for phones, «Ғибратнама» (1911), «Сәтбек батыр» (1911 — 15). Основная тематика произведения — борьба за идеалы гуманизма, просвещение kitchenaid meat tenderizer.

Книги Акылбека хранятся в библиотеках Москвы, Петербурга, Казани.

При написании этой статьи использовался материал из издания «Казахстан. Национальная энциклопедия» (1998—2007) alabama football socks, предоставленного редакцией «Қазақ энциклопедиясы» по лицензии Creative Commons .